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General & Construction OSHA Compliance Training

Stay up-to-date on safety protocol with our OSHA compliance training options. From full-scale compliance training to individual OSHA courses, we have everything you need to keep your facility and employees safe and free from violations.

Compliance Training

Our OSHA compliance training combines a detailed presentation with informative courses, during which we cover fall protection, confined spaces, and so much more. With our comprehensive training, your employees gain the knowledge necessary to avoid high-cost OSHA violations, which typically require you to not only pay for a fine, but pay for additional training.

We have a wide variety of courses available, ranging from annual to three-year certifications. For more details about pricing or scheduling a training session, please give us a call. Our team is happy to travel to your space or, if you don't have your own facility, find and reserve one for the occasion.

OSHA Required Courses

In addition to our compliance presentations and training, we also offer standalone courses. Available for groups ranging in size from 3 to 20, our 10- and 30-hour courses help professionals gain vital safety knowledge and skills, increasing their chance of being hired or kept on. Our 10-hour course is designed for employee knowledge, while our 30-hour course is targeted at managers, both of which allow employers to protect themselves and the company from injury and citations.